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Although the simple things such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and barbells get the job done just fine; we, at Bando Performance, want to integrate a professional, cutting-edge technological approach to training to ensure the best quality strength and conditioning for our clientele. Here are some of the tools that we use to monitor performance as well as increase strength, power and speed…

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Push Band

We utilize the Push Band for velocity based training. Velocity based training helps us tailor programs more specifically to the athlete by giving us information on how fast an athlete is moving any given weight or load. Using the Push Band; we test, track and retest our athletes to gain a clear understanding of how our athletes are progressing in the weightroom to increase their athletic performance.


Hawkin Dynamics force plates

Force plates are used to analyse the ground reaction force of athletes during walks, runs, or other physical exercises like jumping. The plates detect and measure accelerations, reactions and athlete imbalances to provide training insights for coaches and to support rehabilitation processes.
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1080 sprint active

1080 Sprint

1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training and testing device for sprints, skating, swimming and change of direction movements. It uses intelligent variable resistance technology to provide a very smooth and controllable resistance. It measures power, force, speed and acceleration with high accuracy

1080 Sprint

Arena Gear – Timing Gates

At Bando Performance, we believe that true speed training involves the use of timing gates to track and monitor  our athletes’ results during sprinting or other acceleration methods. The Arena Gear Timing Gates provide us with exact times to track the many different types of sprinting exercises that we program. Using precise measurement during speed training is a large component an athlete knows that they are getting faster. The use of our Arena Gear Timing Gates also allows for a fun-filled competitive environment not only during our semi private groups, but also during 1 on 1 or team training workouts!

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The OHM Run is an innovative training tool that provides us with a fun and motivating exercise experience optimizing strength, power, and balance. At Bando Performance our clientele can engage in complex propulsive exercise against accommodative resistance, redefining the concept of functional training for athletic performance. Using its Isokinetic and Isotonic settings; the OHM sets to a fixed-speed or fixed-load resistance for dynamic, 3-dimensional movements. OHM Reactive Resistance Technology responds to the unique abilities of every user, making it an ideal tool for peak training, rehabilitation, or return-to-play. Force and power data tracking allows for unprecedented athlete assessment and next-gen performance optimization – the OHM Run motivates because it measures! The OHM Run is effective for users of every fitness level, age, or impairment

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Exxentric kBOX

We believe that an athlete is only as strong as the amount of force you can absorb and decelerate.Your muscles are stronger in the lengthening (eccentric) phase of its motion, as compared to the shortening (concentric) phase. Training the eccentric phase has strong scientific support, the most important being increasing total strength and size. As many injuries occur during eccentric muscle contraction, eccentric training can also greatly reduce the risk of injury for elite athletes as well as rehabilitation clients. Eccentric training is also shown to transform muscle into a faster phenotype. The kBox helps out athletes become stronger by safely forcing us under a heavier load that the athlete has control over. In conclusion, the kBox is vastly important in developing our athletes ability to accept eccentric loads to increase athletic performance.

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Train Heroic

The Train Heroic Mobile App allows us to use 100% digital programming for our athletes that can be easily accessible using one’s mobile phone, tablet or computer. With Train Heroic; you can track your sets, reps, and volume lifted during training sessions as well have 24/7 access to our coaches! This incredible app also provides video tutorials for each exercise we write for you to ensure proper coaching and cueing. Train Heroic gives our clients the ability to train with us in the gym, or anywhere in the world!

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Run Rocket

Resisted sprinting/acceleration is crucial in order to improve stride length during sprinting. At Bando Performance, we turn to the Run Rocket as a great resource when it comes to programming speed training. With 30 preset levels of adjustable resistance and exceptionally smooth operation, the Run Rocket is an unbelievable tool to train athletes of all levels for peak performance, increased agility, and explosive power. Its versatile ability to change resistance is a game changer for athletes looking to get faster!


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